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Our long term objective is to develop eco-friendly, energy efficient, self sustaining communities. It's notionally very idealistic, but economical in every sense. Whether it's an "over 55" development, luxury or affordable housing, assisted living facilities or a vibrant retirement community, we will design and create high quality housing, Energy Star Certified which, very much, guarantees saving substantially on energy costs.

EcoBuilt Village. EcoBuilt has preliminary plans for the design of a community to include homes, apartments and business properties that will function as an eco-friendly, energy efficient, "green" self sustaining village. Each building will be built according to EcoBuilt's standards of high efficiency and proven Eco-Built technology with Energy Star Certification as high as 5 Star plus. These buildings will be affordable, and include EcoBuilt's ergonomic designs: life span/universal design. Alternative energy sources will be chosen according to sources best suited to the village's location.

EcoBuilt Assisted Living Center/Retirement Home. The designs for older adults looking at retirement homes with assisted living centers are of particular interest to EcoBuilt. The energy efficient and green designs are predominantly applicable to this age group. Their limited or fixed incomes need stable and predictable monthly costs in order for them to live comfortably. Their environment regarding heat and cold, air quality and circulation, mold free and worry free maintenance must be well controlled fiscally and physically. EcoBuilt is well prepared and proficient in ergonomic designs and green building technology to meet and exceed the needs of these residents.

EcoBuilt Co-Housing. is designed to accommodate people who are interested in affordable sustainable shared living environments, and "off the grid" living. Like the village community and retirement homes with assisted living centers, these individuals will enjoy homes with ergonomic designs intended for changes that occur over one's life span. Eco-Built standards and technologies provides residents with optimum energy efficiency, and Energy Star Certification as high as 5 Star Plus. As in the village design, alternative energy sources will be selected that are best suited to the location of the buildings.

Certified Solar PV Installer
Certified GeoExchange Designer
EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm
Building Performance Institute

PA Home Improvement Contractor #PA040726.

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