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New Technology

EcoBuilt does not only construct buildings. We have the experience and expertise to design and install energy efficient and cost saving heating, cooling and alternative energy sources in your home or commercial property. We are committed to applying the best and most efficient "green" technology as we work with you and your budget. Most importantly, it is our proven position that placing alternative energy sources in one's home or business, alone, will not maximize the best use of your invested dollar unless deficiencies are corrected in your home or commercial building.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

This technology has been around for quite a while and is gaining in popularity in the US.

EcoBuilt's Certified GeoDesign Engineer designs geothermal heat pump systems using the equipment best suited to your particular building and then contracts with a manufacturer to produce the equipment required. This maximizes your efficiencies and may give you even more energy cost savings than we estimated. With us, dollar value and maximum efficiency is our top priority for all of our clients. Done right, you will maintain a comfortable interior atmosphere, year round.

Solar, Wind and Hydro Alternative Energy Sources.

These systems are offered and designed after extensive research of your property. All three sources have been around for hundreds of years and is now being aggressively installed by both homeowners and businesses alike.

The purpose of these alternative sources of energy is to reduce our dependence on "the Grid". The Grid is referring to energy provided by the public utilities nationwide. Continued rising energy costs have created the need for alternative energy sources that we are more than capable of installing.

Idealistically, your family or business will do its part in reducing the carbon footprint as well as other negative influences on the environment caused by the current method of creating energy for the utility companies.

"Low Grid" or "Off Grid" homes and businesses now exist and provide these property owners with great energy cost savings as well as maintain or increase the current value of your home and business.

For more information and a free initial consultation call us or go to our Contact Us page. We will call you as soon as possible to assist you in any way we can.

EcoBuilt is recognized by Builder's Magazine for its green building alliance grant award.

Certified Solar PV Installer
Certified GeoExchange Designer
EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm
Building Performance Institute

PA Home Improvement Contractor #PA040726.

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