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Building your dream home or rehabilitating your current one, EcoBuilt is very well known and respected for its detailed approach when constructing new or rehabbing existing homes into energy efficient, high quality domiciles. We have a great reputation building Energy Star certified and rated homes and will build no less for you.

New EcoBuilt Homes
We bring affordability to you by constructing your dream home at costs rivaling that of new homes that are conventionally built. Our design consultants will work very closely with you and create your very own technologically advanced "Green" home. You will move into a fabulous "Smart" Energy Star Certified home and be the talk of the neighborhood. With "smart" technology, you will control various amenities in your home from anywhere in the world with your smart phone or laptop.

EcoBuilt prefers to build new homes with modular technology, but will build what you request. The end result for both is an Energy Star Certified home that includes ratings as high as Five Star Plus in guaranteed savings. The modular building does have some inherent advantages that stick built or block may not have. Your dream home will retain and even increase its value through the years.

Reconstructed EcoBuilt Homes
Whenever possible, EcoBuilt purchases existing homes, and reconstructs them using "green" and energy efficient technology. When we complete the renovation we return the existing structure to the active housing market with updates that give tremendous upside value to any potential buyer.

Rehabilitation of Existing Homes
Our company philosophy has always been to properly repair our customers' home and seal any and all air leaks before providing the equipment to create additional energy savings and efficiency. Putting in the equipment first is like, "putting the cart before the horse" and greatly reduces the impact your monies create. There is one proper way to create high efficiencies in costs and energy. All other methods will rob you of one or both savings and certainly defeat any attempt at increasing efficiencies.

In an EcoBuilt home we promise and commit to:
  • An even, consistent and comfortable environment throughout your home. No more hot or cold rooms or discomfort at one end of a room and not the other
  • No more drafts or large temperature fluctuations, day or night, between rooms or floors
  • Balance in humidity which virtually eliminates unwanted, unsightly and potentially toxic mold
  • Improved superior indoor air quality
  • Savings in heating and cooling costs that may amount to as much as 50% of the current costs.

  • Call us or leave your information on our Contact Us page and we will get back to you to answer any questions you may have.

Certified Solar PV Installer
Certified GeoExchange Designer
EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm
Building Performance Institute

PA Home Improvement Contractor #PA040726.

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