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New Ecobuilt Multi-Family Units
Whether we are building a 2-unit or 30-unit+ building or complex, we will be able to provide you with great savings in your operating costs utilizing alternative energy sources from the start. As landlords, we know controlling operating costs is essential to the success of your rental properties. A "green", energy efficient building that we build for you accomplishes that. Helping you reduce your dependence on the current energy grid is a major commitment we make when we help you plan your new rental property.

Rising costs to Landlords! Feeling the pinch of rising energy costs? Tenants moving? Can't raise rents? Afraid to pass energy costs to tenants for fear they will leave? Tired of footing the difference over the capped energy costs for your Section 8 tenants? We can solve those problems and boost your net profit on every unit and the value of your building units. New construction or rehabbing your rental properties, we will save you money and boost your profits.

Renovate or Rehabilitate Your Existing Rental Property
Rising costs in taxes? Gas? Heating Oil? Electricity? How about reduced payments from government sponsored rent assistance? Or a cap on energy costs from the very same government programs? High turnover?

We will work with you, our landlord client, and rehabilitate your existing rental property, creating energy efficiency, reducing costs by as much as 50%. With the improvements in place, you will take back and possibly increase your monthly cash to you. What was once a set cost born by the landlord participating in a government rent assistance program will actually turn into net cash flow after our repairs to your building(s).

Our company is a leader on innovative methods to maximize your investment. Whether building new, or renovating and refitting your existing property our unique and proprietary techniques will create the return you have always desired.

Go to our Contact Us page, fill out the information and one of our representatives will get back to you. Whether you are building new or renovating, you will be pleasantly surprised with the results when using our services to solve your challenges.

Certified Solar PV Installer
Certified GeoExchange Designer
EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm
Building Performance Institute

PA Home Improvement Contractor #PA040726.

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