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EcoBuilt has developed unique and innovative techniques to control your rising energy costs in your existing office, store or warehouse. At our first meeting, we will identify your challenges, as well as any other situation you would like to find a solution for. We don't just construct buildings. We will help you plan the installation of alternative energy sources and implement the agreed solution.

RENOVATION & EXPANSION We are builders with flexibility. Whether you want to expand your building or upgrade we would like you to use our services. If you want to reduce your energy consumption and create a more efficient environment, EcoBuilt will sit down with you, give you viable options toward a solution and work with you to complete the task.

NEW COMMERCIAL BUILDING CONSTRUCTION What better way to build new than with the latest technology in mind. As we build, we'll install the necessary equipment that maximizes energy efficiency. You will also have the opportunity to control your building with "smart" technology. Whether you are out of the state or relaxing at home, you will be able to control your security system, heating and cooling, etc., via smart phone or laptop. Your energy Star rated building will have the cutting edge technology along with the efficiencies in energy costs at a surprisingly affordable price.

ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SERVICES GEOTHERMAL Whether you want to build new, renovate existing property or just install a specific alternative energy source, EcoBuilt is prepared to assist you in all or part of the project. Reducing your dependence on the grid and its continuing rising costs is a priority of ours.

If you are in a business that requires refrigerated storage, we can provide geothermal refrigeration as an alternative source for cooling or freezing product. Whether it's heating & cooling concepts in energy efficiency, utilizing solar, wind or moving water as alternative sources of energy, EcoBuilt is positioned to assist you in implementing the upgrades.

As we collaborate on the various options facing you, our experienced design team will create the solution you want and complete the project in a timely matter. New construction, renovation and expansion or specific installation of an alternative energy source, EcoBuilt will provide the expertise and quality repair to your satisfaction.
Certified Solar PV Installer
Certified GeoExchange Designer
EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm
Building Performance Institute

PA Home Improvement Contractor #PA040726.

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