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    When they showed us the design plans and explained the various improvements the EcoBuilt system used beyond traditional construction, we were impressed enough to buy our first energy efficient home from the plans alone. EcoBuilt delivered what they promised!

    Lancaster, PA
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    It was a safety concern and tax liability for the City of Philadelphia. ….six 25,000 gallon underground oil storage tanks were discovered on this property. …. With skill and care, Mr. Crook was able to resolve the problems created by these tanks and move forward.... I am confident in Mr. Crook's construction industry knowledge, development skills.......

    Andrew Toy Former Manager, Special Projects City of Philadelphia
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    EcoBuilt helped us upgrade our Emergency Family Shelter apartment units that serve homeless families with children…. final testing on the building showed a 33% reduction in air exchanges between the outside and inside of the building…. that meant that energy consumption in the building was greatly reduced.

    Martha Boston, Ph.D
    Executive Director - Friends Association
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    Chesco 20/20 is looking forward to working with EcoBuilt in order to assist us in attracting residents to Chester County through the availability of energy efficient homes,........and to attract businesses interested in improving their profits and cash flow through lower energy costs and at the same time reducing their carbon footprint.

    William J. Stevens III
    Executive Director
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    New Technology

    An alternative to standard concrete block made with industrial waste and plant fibers gets a nudge forward. In May, the Green Building Alliance awarded a $20,000 Innovation grant to EcoBuilt Efficient Buildings.

    Builders, September 2011
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    Photograph by: David Sharpe
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    Emergency Repairs
    Their work was exceptional and way beyond our expectations. They determined the origin to a water leak the source of which no one else could pinpoint for several years…. managed all of the repairs necessary to fix the leak and initiated multiple energy-saving processes that produced measurable improvements.

    Dana and Rodger Hayne
    Narberth, PA
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    We Buy Properties

    We're flipping it green!

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EcoBuilt Efficient Buildings

For 30 years, the EcoBuilt efficient building design has been used to construct new homes and buildings, creating living and work spaces that are economically efficient in energy costs. Our decades of experience make it possible to construct these very comfortable custom buildings at very affordable prices. Here are some of the products and services we provide:

Residential. We bring affordability to you by constructing your dream home at costs rivaling that of new homes that are conventionally built. We'll consult with you and share the latest technologies for your home. You will move into a fabulous Energy Star Certified home and be the talk of the neighborhood. Go to our Residential page for more information.

Commercial and Multi-Family Properties. Aside from labor, containing energy costs is the next most challenging task for many business people and commercial landlords. Building new or retrofitting multi units, office buildings or warehouses, we will create substantial energy cost savings to business owners and landlords. Visit our Commercial or Multi Family page to find a solution to your rising energy costs.

Communities. Ecobuilt will not only develop energy efficient communities for the general public but work with special interest groups to develop Assisted Living Facilities, ADA compliant homes as well as affordable housing. Drop in on our Communities page for more information.

New Technology. Geothermal, Solar, Wind and Hydro power along with revolutionary building materials will be the focus of this page. We will keep you updated on the latest and most efficient and reliable technology and how it can apply to you and your situation.

Emergency Repair. We offer emergency repairs for damages to your home or commercial property.

We Buy Properties. Finally, do you want to sell your property? Let us know. Click on our We Buy Properties page and contact us.

We provide affordable solutions to your building needs!

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